Leadership counseling, Teamwork Alignment,
Strategic Product Design & Launch.

Mitch works with start-ups and established organizations to help them simplify their business and create winning product ideas–using intuition, perseverance, analytical thinking, and love.


1. Helping fine tune goals and objectives for the operating team to execute and achieve. I have built a program that integrates into the company strategy to identify in a purely quantitative way the goals and objectives of the President and his/her direct reports. This starts with determining what objectives will have the biggest and least risky ROI. It includes first getting agreement with the Board and then working with the operating leaders to implement helping them build measurement tools that are shared with the Board quarterly to ensure the team is on track.

2. Helping the board to modify or instill a culture of innovation on new products and services or dramatic improvement of existing services. This involves learning the overall innovation needs and then designing a plan followed by assisting implementation.

3. Helping the Board identify talent needs and assessing candidates who are most likely to achieve top-level results. This starts with understanding the needs and designing an interview plan that locates the skills sets and motivation of either existing leaders or new candidates.


Leadership Counseling

Building a high performance team can make all the difference when the goal is fast and profitable growth. Mitch can help evaluate your leaders and design a plan to assemble a world class executive team.

Teamwork Alignment

Why do some teams out perform? When every member of your organization knows exactly what is expected of them and they all have transparency into how each team member fits into the company objectives you have a well oiled machine. Mitch can help your team achieve that level of team work.

Strategic Product Design & Launch

Mitch has played key leadership roles in designing and launching 3 iconic entertainment services, Redbox $1 a night Kiosks, Moviepass $9.95 a month movie subscription, and the all you can watch Netflix subscription. He can help you cut through the clutter and identify where your product hockey stick is hiding.